Google has finally rolled out the new Google Search Console (in beta) to the public in Jan. Here is their official blog:

It has a great new looking. However, as a digital marketer, we focus more on what new features this version brings to us compared to the old version. Until now (before all the planned features are migrated or rolled out), there are 2 significant changed we need to know.

We now have 16 months of data

Previously there are only 3 months of data, and people have been waiting for years for Google to extend the data period.

When I first saw the option “Full duration”, I thought it was really “full duration”. But it turns out to be 16 months only. But it is already much much better than 3 months! The data returned in Google Search Console API is not extended yet, but it will come soon as well.

More details on the URLs indexed (or not indexed)

Previously we only know how many urls are indexed by Google, but don’t know which one. Sometimes it could be hard to find problems because of this.

Now Google Search Console lists the URLs that are indexed. They are also categorized based on whether they appeared in sitemap. But please note that it only shows “examples” of the URLs (maximum 1,000).

There are some other features, such as an emphasize on AMP and JobPosting. But the above 2 features are absolutely helpful for any website masters.

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